Laurie LeahAna
“The PsychicTherapist”

We are all born to experience growth into greater love, peace and joyous connection. Laurie will help you change the basis of suffering and retune your vibration to joy, through her teachings, techniques and tools, no matter what you are feeling or experiencing in your life right now.

Many times we crave change or resist it–and both can result in suffering and pain. Sometimes we identify so closely with our challenges, responsibilities, and seeming failures that we lose the ability to be playful and happy. Often overlooking how life’s challenges can help us grow us into stronger, healthier and more mature people.

Through Laurie’s teachings, techniques and tools, you will change the basis of suffering and retune your vibration to joy!

Laurie Roth, M.A. M.S, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, workshop leader, sound/ energy-vibrational healer, hypnotherapist, musician and composer, author, and radio show host.


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People are Saying

“Laurie tuned in right away to the work that I consider my highest calling. I already had some ideas about taking it to new levels, but I did not know how to fit all the pieces together. Laurie’s insights integrated all the parts in a practical way that resolved my concerns and made me feel even more excited about moving forward.  While she was talking, I felt like puzzle pieces were moving around and coming together perfectly inside me.  In just one session, Laurie probably saved me at least three months of planning, pondering, and research.”

S.L  Researcher and former Lawyer

“I love to refer people to Laurie and watch what happens. She uses a variety of forms – meditation, energy clearing, light transmissions, psychodrama, sound, music, movement, dialogue and psychic gifts – whatever the form, people come to recognize that they have stepped out of a limited sense of themselves and into a full and spirited wholeness.

Laurie’s work is radical. “

Ann Jauregui, Ph.D. Psychotherapist & Author, Berkeley CA

“Laurie is an astounding healer. I feel like a different person through my work with her. After we worked with the geometry of Light for a relatively short time, I had a feeling of tremendous expansion: I connected effortlessly to my Higher Self, and have remained connected in a way I never have before. I felt a sense of joy I almost never feel, but that I ‘d like to always feel. Laurie’s ability to channel healing energy is at the highest levels I have ever experienced in over 30 years of exploring alternative modes of healing.”

S. Heckman, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist